Becoming the Archetype
The Physics of Fire
Style: Progreesive Thrash-Core
Release date: June 18th 2007

Well, to be honest I don’t understand the fuzz about all this Hardcore… Metalcore-thing...

And I don’t understand the fuzz about this new album by Becoming the Archetype either.

This brand new release called “The Physics of Fire” doesn’t do much for me… it’s just too

unfocused, I think.


We get 11 tracks with everything from Progressive Rock, Metal-core, and Progressive Thrash/Death Metal here and I can understand from the reviews I have read about this album, that most of the reviewers like it very much. But I don’t.

Even after numerous listens I only remember a few riffs and a few guitar-solos. Okay… the musicians really know their way around their instruments, but unfortunately, their complex music doesn’t do much for me.


The vocals are aggressive and “thrashy” and almost growls at times but I find them a tad annoying and monotonous. Maybe it’s just me… but the more I’m listening to this album the more annoying it gets. It doesn’t grow on me… it doesn’t suddenly ignite… the music goes into one ear and out the other.


Progressive Death/Thrash Metal core fans will probably be giving this release a perfect grade and praising it till the end of time but I sadly find it a tad annoying and boring.


The band has a lot of good ideas but the songs are not that memorable to me. But don’t be afraid to check this album out… I’m sure that you’ll like better than I do. At least I find the production good.



Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: June 1st 2007