Doom of Destiny
Style: Melodic Metal / Power Metal
Release date: November 16th 2007

10th studio album by Germanyís Axxis who has been around since 1989 with their excellent debut release 'Kingdom of the Night'. Behind the desk once more is Dennis Ward so you know that you are going to get crystal clear sound and thatís exactly what he delivers.

To my ears this is Axxis best album since their debut. It is HEAVY; the heaviest album I think Axxis have done and I think that comes down to the addition of new axeman Marco Wriedt. Some great heavy riffing and awesome soloing can be heard on 'Doom of Destiny'. Also Axxis have stayed with the female singer Lakonia from the last album 'Paradise in Flames' (2006). This is a nice touch for the band and one I quite like to hear more of to tell you the truth. ďI Hear You cryĒ is a great example of her beautiful voice.

But the only thing that doesnít grab me on this album is, itís very forgettable. The only few tracks that stand out are: "Father, Father" (Great power metal tune) the title track "Doom of Destiny", "I Hear You cry" & "Revolutions". If Axxis could do a whole album of the quality of those songs maybe they would be headlining their own tour instead of being an opening support band. 'Doom of Destiny' is a good album donít get me wrong. But itís not going to open any new doors for Axxis.

01. Voices of Destiny
02. Doom of Destiny (Arabia)
03. Better Fate
04. Blood Angel
05. I Hear You cry
06. The Fire Still Burns
07. Father, Father
08. Revolutions
09. She Got Nine Lifes
10. Devilish Belle
11. Astoria
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: December 15th 2007