Anubis Gate
Andromeda Unchained
Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: August 20th 2007

The first two albums from Anubis Gate were recorded under the guidance of Danish producer extra-ordinary Jacob Hansen in his Hansen Studio's in Ribe, Denmark. Both of them had a very strong and powerful production, but seemed to lack the special something that would have made them something more than the ordinary.

For their third album 'Andromeda Unchained' they have returned to the same studio, using the same producer, but this time around he is not just the producer, but also the lead vocalist for Anubis Gate. Many felt former vocalist Torben Askholm was holding the band back, I wouldn't go that far, but must admit that Jacob fits the music better than Torben did. And it's quite refreshing to hear his clean voice - I was never a huge fan of his style in Invocator - and he certainly adds a new dimension to the Anubis Gate sound.

Their style haven't changed much; a good and strong brew of classic 80's traditional heavy metal combined with early 90's more epic stuff and newer darker progressive patterns. 'Andromeda Unchained' is without a doubt their most mature and complete album, everything seems to be in place and the overall performance is top notch.

This album surely has the quality to make a stir and it should bring this band more attention than their first couple of albums did. Fourteen well written, executed and produced songs, there are no fillers and the general standard is very high. This album rocks, so do give it a chance - you might be in for a big surprise...

Label: Locomotive Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: July 8th 2007