Style: Epic US Metal
Release date: October 2006

Vancouver based Antiquus saw the light of day in 2002 and released their first full length CD in 2005 a self financed album called ‘Ramayana’ it received great reviews from all over the world and Antiquus got to open shows for Into Eternity, Sonata Arctica and Infernal Majesty. Later on a deal was penned with Italian label Cruz Del Sur Music.


On ‘Eleutheria’ Antiquus delivers a splendid cross between old-school US metal and more modern power / progressive metal, the end result will please listeners of Hades, Helstar, Omen Warlord or Iron Maiden.


There are eight tracks on ‘Eleutheria’ but one track stands above them all, the eleven minutes (yeah I am a sucker for long epic tunes) long “I am Alive” every time I listen to it I discover new bits and pieces, this is the sort of music that almost demands a couch and a set of headphones.


This Canadian five-piece surely knows how to create interesting and catchy melodies with an epic feeling.


‘Eleutheria’ was recorded at Turtle Studio, engineered by Brad Johnson and mixed by Larry Anschell (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains etc.) and mastered by Goran Finnberg (In Flames, Soilwork etc.), and they have delivered a perfect sound.


Check it out.

Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Provided by: Cruz Del Sur Music
Reviewed by: Jørgen Ditlev
Date: March 20th 2007