This Age of Silence
Style: Modern Thrash Metal
Release date: June 18th 2007

Debut album from Anterior who was formed in late 2003, and it’s called ”This Age of Silence”.

Bands like Meendeed, (old) Trivium, comes to mind when listening to it.

The promo I’m sitting here with contains 9 tracks, and I really do like to listen to it but when the CD is done I only remember the guitar-solos, a few riffs and the beautiful acoustic track “Stir of Echoes”.


The guitarist really know their way around their instruments, be sure about that, but I miss something. I miss something that makes me go... WOW! - ”This Age of Silence” is well played and produced with a raw and forcing... but at the same time... a crystal clear sound.


It’s a good start... it really is, and I’m sure that this album will find its fans around the globe. But sadly I find it only a tad above average.


Not really much else to say about this really, so if older Trivium is your thing, then get this album right away.


Anterior just proved that they have potential and there is a huge market out there for Modern Thrash Metal with a hint of Metal Core in it, so check them out.

Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 45/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: June 19th 2007