Angulus Apatrida
Give'em War
Style: Thrash!
Release date: September 2007

Hereís one piece of advice, boys and girls, take it from me: Forget about those pretentious kiddos in Trivium and listen instead to someone who really tap into the thrash vein!

Angulus Apatrida is a Spanish quartet whom I have never heard of before their second CD suddenly landed in my mailbox a few days ago. It turned out, as it were, that the album was killer!

Picture the energy, quality and feel of old masters like Overkill, Exodus and early Metallica and add to that a vocalist who varies between sounding like Phil Anselmo (a la Vulgar Display of Power) and Joe Comeau when he did the vocal duties for Annihilator.

The mysterious thing here is the stated website in the promotional material does not work, nor does the band's MySpace. The label's site isn't working either. Odd indeed.

Iím hugely impressed by this varied and solid output Ė it reeks of thrash - the way itís meant to be. Go check it out (if you can?)!

01. Vomitive
02. So Unjustly
03. Corruption
04. Free Your Soul
05. Never Forget
06. Energy
07. Give 'em War
08. Collateral Damage
09. Room 237
10. Thrash Attack
11. In the Heart of Nations
12. The Calm
Label: Molusco Discos
Provided by: Background Noise
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: November 1st 2007