The Ancient Curse
Style: Power Metal
Release date: June 8th 2007

Power Metallers Ancestral was formed in Italy in January 1999 and after 3 Demo releases they have finally released their debut full-length album titled “The Ancient Curse”.


Well... the first time I threw this album, consisting of 9 songs of pure speedy Power/Epic Metal, in my CD-player I was a little disappointed. But of course I gave it another chance and after maybe 3 to 4 listens “The Ancient Curse” slowly began to grow on me. Now several listens later, I like it a lot.


Singer Mirko Olivo’s voice is quite close to Peavy (Rage), Rob Tyrant (Labyrinth) and Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian)... and their music somehow reminds me a tad of a mix between older Blind Guardian and Labyrinth... but a tad more Epic.


Ancestral is almost all about Speedy Power Metal... they seldom slows down... but when they do they surprise us with a very catchy and entertaining track called “Time Has Gone By”. But this is not the only highlight of “The Ancient Curse”... just take a listen to tracks like the opener “Freeborn”, “Lord of Terror” or the splendid “Jalwink’s Fall” and you know what I mean. Tracks filled with catchy choruses, tasty guitar solos and I certainly tip my hat to the thrashy, yet memorable guitar riffs on every track on this album. The more you listen to it the more you like it. But give it the time it needs to open up. My only complaint is The Beatles cover “Eleanor Rigby”... sorry guys... but I just can stand The Beatles.


“The Ancient Curse” is recorded and mixed at Zenith Recordings Studio c/o Risingworks by Frank Andiver, Lucca (Italy) January 2006. The cover artwork is done by Diego Ferrarin.


Check‘em out!

Label: Underground Symphony
Provided by: Ancestral
Artwork rating: 79/100
Reviewed by: Peter laursen
Date: September 2nd 2007