Alter Bridge
Style: Hard Rock (with a Metal edge)
Release date: November 2nd 2007

Alter Bridge did off course arise from the ashes left behind when multi-million selling alternative metal act Creed split up. Their debut album 'One Day Remains' was musically superior to everything Creed ever recorded, but it didn't do much for Alter Bridge sales wise. Now they are back with the important second album entitled: 'Blackbird'. And with this album they just add another layer to the strong foundation build with their debut album; they add new dimensions and aspects to their sound and style.

Alter Bridge has taken a huge step forward with this album, not that 'One Day Remains' wasn't great in its own terms, but 'Blackbird' is just so much better in every respect. And this should be the record that puts Alter Bridge on the big map, and make everybody forget about Creed.

Mark Tremonti has worked stronger together with Myles Kennedy on this album and all of the songs as well as the sound benefits greatly from their cooperation. The album comes across as a more mature, complete and coherent effort. The sound has taken a nice turn towards more heavier and fuller sounds, and I really like this move and applauds them for taking a risk and follow their roots and beliefs.

Myles Kennedy has been fully integrated in the sound and they have grown together as a band, have matured and are just a tighter unit. 'Blackbird' is a more adventures rock album with an even more ominous edge, the lines are drawn sharper and everything has been worked out to perfection.

Mark Tremonti excels as a songwriter and guitarist on this album, and he delivers a sovereign impression as rhythm and lead guitarist, and he has found his perfect contrast in Myles Kennedy as second guitarist. Myles has found his own style as a vocalist and fits the music like two peas in a pod. The rhythm section of Brian Marshall (bass) and Scott Phillips has never sounded tighter, and I am very impressed with the drumming on this album, which is ultra precise and sharp.

'Blackbird' is an hour of great music, where songs like "Brand New Start", "Rise Today" and "Wayward One" among many great songs shine very bright, but the album reaches its absolute climax with the title track, which has rock classic written all over it.

'Blackbird' is for me one of the best rock albums of 2007 and an album with the capacity to become a timeless and classic rock album.


01. Ties That Bind
02. Come to Life
03. Brand New Start
04. Buried Alive
05. Coming Home
06. Before Tomorrow Comes
07. Rise Today
08. Blackbird
09. One by One
10. Watch Over You
11. Break Me Down
12. White Knuckles
13. Wayward One
Label: Universal Republic Records
Distribution: UMRG
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: November 7th 2007