Adrenaline Factor
Adrenaline Factor
Style: Sleaze Hard Rock
Release date: March 20th 2007

1-2-3-4 Fire Away!! 

Take the best ingredients from JOHNNY CRASH, DANGEROUS TOYS and JACKYLÖ Letís not forget AC/DC! 

ADRENALINE FACTOR is, as their band name hints at, an adrenaline packed combo of Les Paul guitar riffs and banging drums with an (un)healthy dose of Bon Scott squealiní. 

This is music for those who need it loud and full of balls. Thereís no emphasis on musical excellence or hook laden melody lines, just pure no-nonsense RíníR! 

I reckon this outfit would be able to tear the house down wherever they play but on a compact disc they donít really sound as if captured in their right element. Itís hard to distinguish one song from the other and after 3-4 songs you really need some diversity which youíre not being offered on this release. 

To me this sounds like any other Sleaze act out there, although ADRENALINE FACTOR manages to place themselves in the top echelon of the style. 

Label: Perris Records
Distribution: Perris Records
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Janus 'The Jack' Lybro
Date: March 22nd March