Ace Frehley
Greatest Hits Live
Style: Heavy Rock
Release date: March 27th 2006

Rumours say that Ace Frehley, original lead guitarist of Kiss has sobered up and is recording his long awaited new solo album… sounds great to me if that’s true.


While Kiss and Ace fans are waiting for his new album they can spend some time with this live album called “Greatest Hits Live” but do have in mind that this is not a new recording… the live tracks (10 of them) has already been released back in 1997 on “12 Picks” and “Loaded Deck” and so has the two studio tracks “One plus one” and “Give it to me anyway”.


So this release is just for Ace and Kiss fans I think… but of course you need it in your collection if you are a fan, right?


Well… 12 tracks and 10 of them live. We get both old Kiss songs and tracks from Ace Frehley’s solo albums and pre-old school songs like “Cold Gin” and “Deuce” comes down really fine live but sometimes Ace is overdoing the solos. He should stick to his very unique and memorable solo-style and not long and boring guitar solos that bores the hell out of you.


Ace sings with his "can't sing / don't care" vocal style and I think you either love or hate his style… and I have absolutely no problem with his vocals.


So… nothing new under the sun… but hopefully the rumours about his new solo album is true, so let’s wait and see what he can come up with, shall we? 

Label: Megaforce Records
Distribution: Import
Artwork rating: 45/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: April 25th 2007