Test Your Metal Records: Sci-Fi Metal RAPHEUMETS WELL Premiere Video ‘Enders Door’ via SkullsnBones


Hickory, N.C. sci-fi metal band RAPHEUMETS WELL (Ra-few-mets) will be releasing their next full length ‘Enders Door’ via Test Your Metal Records on May 26th. Once again they will being bring forth a voyage enriched with lore and a sound that is a complex mix of classical orchestrations, cosmic synths, and extreme metal to portray the epics of parallel worlds.

The synopsis of this album is in the fifth era of the Avomenian Empire, amidst the planetary ruins of Vaath, a rogue traveler would discover an artifact that would forever change his place in the cosmos.

Upon arriving to retrieve the artifact, it became apparent that Eryos’s brother Nathyiem would never make it to their arranged meeting point.  In departing from the planet Vaath, Eryos received a distress signal from his brother’s ship, coming from an uncharted planet.  Upon arriving, he found a odd world inhabited by a mysterious species called the Dreth led by lecherous matriarch named Eishar.  It is here that he would uncover a faced-door, an inter-dimensional gateway to the Ender.

Teaming up with SkullsnBones.com, RAPHEUMETS WELL premiere their new music video for the album’s first single and title track.Drummer Joshua Nassaru Ward comments: “The song “Enders Door” highlights our albums mission to present this odd story in which the traveler, following his brothers distress beacon from what seems to be a downed ship, finds himself in a very uncompromising situation with a inter-dimensional being and the agenda of a lecherous female named Eishar.  The video is completely self produced and with the help of David “King” Johnson, we tried to capture elements of our story while presenting the technicality and emotion of our music.  In many ways we are trying to convey issues we all deal with through our music such as confusion, anxiety, fear, and revelation in seeking truth.  There is symbolism here of course; in our pursuits to find ourselves we must brave trials that permit our weakness to manifest to find tangible truth.”

To watch ‘Ender’s Door’, please visit the following link on SkullsnBones.com: https://skullsnbones.com/rapheumets-well-premiere-music-video-enders-door/

Enders Door’ Pre-order links:

CD – http://testyourmetalrecords.bigcartel.com/product/rapheumets-well-enders-door 

Digital – https://testyourmetalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rapheumets-well-enders-door

‘Enders Door’ Album Preview – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBGzAba24jY


Track Listing:

1. The Traveler (4:39)

2. Distress From The Aberrant Planet (3:57)

3. The Autogenous Extinction (4:45)

4. Secrets of The Demigods (4:40)

5. Lechery Brought The Darkness (6:39)

6. Enders Door (6:35)

7. Prisoner of The Rift (2:58)

8. The Diminished Strategist (5:36)

9. Nastarian Waltz (1:13)

10. Ghost Walkers Exodus (5:41)

11. Killing The Colossus (5:58)

12. Eishar’s Lament (1:18)

13. Unveiling The Sapient (7:21)

Album Length: 1:01:20

Album Band Line Up:

Jeb Laird – Bass & Lead Vocals

Annette Greene – Female Vocals and Keys

Hunter Ross – Guitar

Brett Lee – Guitar

Joshua Nassaru Ward – Drums & Clean Vocals

Guest Guitarist – Brian Kingsland  (Enthean and Nile)

Guest Bassist – Jonathan Finney


Inspired by the fictitious universe of Sovael, RAPHEUMETS WELL is the name coined to the conscious deity who oversees the anastomosis of the multiverse, the master of portals and inter-dimensional travel.  Being personified as a trickster, Rapheumet often creates chaos for unsuspecting voyagers.  The word “Well” refers to the gravity wells, which like black holes, are catalyst of change and gateways between the cosmic plains.

Formed in 2008, 2011 and 2012 saw their first two demos followed by their first self release full length ‘Dimensions’ unleashed in 2014 that progressively told a larger story portrayed in a complex saga of Atai (ancient architects) who aid in the propagation of sentient life throughout the multi-verse. In 2016, they released their highly praised sophomore album ‘The Exile’ via Test Your Metal Records.

Now in 2017, from the birth of organic matter to great wars that tear the fabric of space/time, the story of RAPHEUMETS WELL’s music serves to immerse you into a world of oddities once again with the band’s third release ‘Enders Door’ due out on May 26th via Test Your Metal Records.

For more info, please visit https://www.testyourmetalofficial.com/rapheumets-well

“Hickory, NC’s Rapheumets Well(pronounced Ra-few-mets) is a band heavily steeped in science fiction and fantasy. And when I say heavily, I mean HEAVILY. They slam dunk their lushly orchestral and luxurious symphonic melodic blackened death metal into a fantastical and fantastically creative and complex world that I don’t even want to embarrass myself trying to explain. But, you gotta give mad ol’ props to any band willing to dive head first into something as elaborately conceptual as this costumed and inventive septet have from the off.” – Decibel Magazine

“if you like the theatrical havoc generated by Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dimmu Borgir, for example, you’ll fall in love for the music found in The Exile, the brand new concept album by the symphonic horde known as Rapheumets Well. ” – The Headbanging Moose

“As you’re about to find out, this first song from the new album combines turbocharged death metal vehemence with sweeping orchestral melodies, interweaving blazing drumwork and rapid-fire riffing with cosmic synthesizer vistas and fluid soloing, vicious growls and hair-raising shrieks with a vaulting clean-sung passage that coincides with the protagonist’s decision to end his apathy.” – No Clean Singing

“The Exilebrings symphonic elements to more intense and sometimes speedy death metal. Solid bursts of adrenaline, with the symphonies effectively working to provide a balance to these heavier moments, as heard in “The Epic of Darmak.” But the band is more than a one-trick pony, and frequently gives way to other flights of fancy while keeping the death metal sharp…an album that is well-written and enjoyable from start to finish. The potential is there for the band to really spread their wings for album number three.” – Dead Rhetoric

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