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Born from the association of 4 musicians coming from multiple horizons, STÖMB is a progressive and instrumental metal band, proposing a powerful, modern and dreamlike music. Formed in 2012 in France, the band released a first EP, Fragment in 2014, and an album, The Grey in 2016. Performing live with video projection designed by Hicham Haddaji (Klone, Trepalium, Hacride, Septic Flesh…) STÖMB participated in several shows, like the festival Metalsphere (France), the Euroblast (Germany) or as the first part of The Algorithm.



Here he comesHe rises again within the depths of my entrails… jaws of ironI can feel him, he knows itHe is what I amMy soul, my body, my heart, everything belongs to him

They dance before us… rag dollsHe knows it, they can feel himI am what he isAnd our gestures draw the outlines of their lives, everything belongs to him

My mind expends and implodes… bubbles of cottonI know it, he can feel itI want to be what he isAnd our voices tune up to silence theirs, everything belongs to him

This vision is so wonderful… waterfall of saltYou know it, you can feel itYou are what we areAnd our flesh unites with theirs, everything belongs to us

The journey is almost over… carousel of dustYou know it, everything can be feltThey are what we areTheir lives and feelings are nothing but an illusion, everything belongs to us

The night is brighter and brighter… temple of graniteWe knew it, everything has grown silentI am alone and you are goneYour soul, your body, your heart… from now on, everything belongs to me

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