Slowly We Rot Fanzine #10 out soon! Pre-orders now available!


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The 10th issue of Transylvania / Romania based fanzine Slowly We Rot will be out on the 20th of August! Professionally printed, 56 pages, English written, A4 format, glossy paper, black/white traditional style+ free Compilation CD!Featuring interviews with: Archeonic, Balfor, Basement Torture Killings, Centrate, Countess, Decrepit Cadaver, Edain, Ekpyrosis, Enslaved, FS Projekt, God Macabre, Goresoerd, Grand Head, Hypothermia, Krullur, LLOTH, Lunatic Hooker, Maxdmyz, Metallica (vintage interview from 1988), Midnight Prey, Nagaarum, Nattas, Nuclear Aggressor, Occult Deceiver, Pulvis et Umbra, Soulwound, Spydor, The Book of Armageddon (legendary US zine), Throneum, and Time Lurker200+ reviews on audio and print material33453b5b-cc7c-4f7d-a898-54d33372ecee.jpg

+ Free Compilation CD!

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