Sliptrick Records Welcomes MORPHESIA

Formed in 2005, San Diego based, US Blackgaze/Metal act Morphesia began as Zombie Thirteen’s one-man Black Metal project that later expanded into a full band. Following various lineup changes and some independent releases, Morphesia has returned as a one-man band to showcase I Forever End, a new album which steps away from the Black Metal blueprint and incorporates a post-metal/blackgaze style, focusing on a diverse and experimental sound. I Forever End will be released via Sliptrick Records later in the year.

Morphesia is well know for his hypnotic live performances on the San Diego scene which transcend the fact he is one musician with the use of loops created through his own effects board and guitar, creating a massive wall of beautiful noise. It’s always an intense experience.


Hell Of Satan (EP) | Independent | 2014

Lucifer Rising | Independent | 2014

ąŁŁȋɱąς (EP) | Independent | 2016

I Forever End | Sliptrick Records | 2017

Morphesia is: Zombie Thirteen – all instruments and vocals

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram


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