SCALA MERCALLI: Heavy Metal In School!


On the 30th May 2017 Italian heavy metallers SCALA MERCALLI were invited at P.Soprani in Castelfidardo (AN) junior high school by its students and teachers in order to debate about Italian Risorgimento in their heavy metal music. The students, after having seen September 18th, 1860’s video, realized a didactic project with their teachers and then asked the band to come visit them in their classroom to talk them about their songs. The band accepted the invitation, and Sergio, Christian and Giusy went to answer the students’ questions.

The debate about the importance of music, particularly heavy metal, as a way to propagate culture and education lasted about a hour, thereafter the band improvised an acoustic concert for the enthusiastic students, using the instruments made available by the school.

After the meeting, the band greeted the students with some of their gadgets, and the students returned with their handmade key holders.

After the experience, the band stated: “This event we have been proud to take part to, has been a great example of innovation in the school, and debunked al lot of wrong prejudice on heavy metal. It created a new model of cooperation between school and bands with the noble purpose to educate the young generations. Music, Art and Culture.

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SCALA MERCALLI released worldwide their latest effort “New Rebirth”, on October 10th 2015, via Art Gates Records. The album focuses on the Italian Risorgimento and how it can be seen and used in every country, considering what we are experiencing not only in Italy and in Europe, but all over the world.

Watch “September 18, 1860” here:

Also check out “Hero of two Worlds – (Giuseppe Garibaldi)” Video here:

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