Party.San Metal Open Air – TRIPTYKON replacing MORBID ANGEL


We’re proud to announce that TRIPTYKON will be Headliner on Party.San Open Air, replacing MORBID ANGEL. After their great show in 2011, we welcome TRIPTYKON now on Mainstage.

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Darkness in the skies – absolute darkness on stage! TRIPTYKON will grace the Party.San Metal Open Air and take over the role of headliner from Morbid Angel! We are particularly proud of this to happen since Tom Gabriel Fischer and his fellow musicians have rarely performed extended headlining shows in recent times. TRIPTYKON have released two excellent albums (“Eparistera Daimones” und “Melana Chasmata”) as well as an EP (“Shatter”), which enabled them to win a prominent position in black/death metal. Yet the Swiss-German band furthermore represents the heritage of the Swiss black/avantgarde metal legend Celtic Frost in a worthy manner. Their main songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist is now the frontman and mastermind of TRIPTIKON. An unforgettable night is awaiting us and you!


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