OFFENSIVE GROUND Sign With ALPHA OMEGA Management, To Release Debut Album in Late 2017!


ALPHA OMEGA Management is thrilled to announce the signing of the Swedish metal act OFFENSIVE GROUND! Furthermore the band will release their debut album ‘Nightmare King’ in late 2017!

Formed in Luleå, Sweden fall 2011, OFFENSIVE GROUND is a back to the roots, kick down your door kind of metal music. In February 2017 the band entered the studio to record what will be their Debut Album ‘Nightmare King’ (with plans for late 2017 release). OFFENSIVE GROUND is a band that pulls from many inspirations and many cultures while still retaining that in your face rock’n’roll groove. Their intensity is also carried on through out their live shows with energetic running, jumping, and all around maniac thrashing madness. They seamlessly pull of their brutal riffing and epic harmonies all while keeping you engaged as they instruct you

to ‘tear down the walls till your hands break’. The new album confirms that OFFENSIVE GROUND have evolved into a monster that won’t be stopping in the forseeable future, and as they say ‘Welcome to our Nightmare’. Watch the album teaser here:

Stated the band:

“All of us here in Offensive Ground are beyond psyched to partner up with the team that is Alpha Omega. With their help we are ready to bring our bombastic hellfire grooves to every corner of the planet. The Nightmare is coming!”

ALPHA OMEGA Management adds:

“We are really excited to welcome these guys in OFFENSIVE GROUND to our Family! Their aggressive old school attitude really kicks ass. Their live shows deliver a huge quantity of raw energy! Stay tuned, and ‘Welcome to the Nightmare’!”

To get some idea of what these guys are offering, check out their Youtube Channel, enjoy!

More information at:

BAND: http://www.offensiveground.com


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