NORD album stream: “Play Restart” free for everyone

The art/alternative rockers of NORD are streaming their debut album “Play Restart” in full on Soundcloud starting today:

Hailing from Croatia, NORD always go where they are not expected. Knowing no stylistic boundaries, the five-piece combo delivers beautiful music that will surprise many. With inspiration, originality and emotion as guiding principles, they have managed to merge their hopes and dreams into a haunting piece of art.

You can integrate the full album stream to your website as well by using the embed codes that are displayed below.

“Play Restart” will be officially released on April 21st via Geenger Records.



Track list reads as follows:

1. Lo-Hi

2. Running Man

3. Play Restart

4. Shadows

5. So Alive

6. Mexico

7. Killing Me, Killing You

8. Remake

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