Milwaukee’s Khazaddum Releasing ‘Plagues Upon Arda’ August 19


Milwaukee’s KHAZADDUM will release sophomore album Plagues Upon Arda August 19.  Following the 2015 In Dwarven Halls EP, the album offers a deeper glimpse into the tragic world of J.R.R. Tolkien. A promo video for first single “Masters of the Plains” is available at this location.

Returning with their signature Dwarven Death Metal assault, KHAZADDUM has taken the Tolkien concept to another level. Incorporating symphonic orchestration throughout the album in order to illuminate the epic scale of the story told within, the nine-track opus delivers a barrage of crushing death metal that bears witness to the harrowing tales of the denizens of Middle-Earth.



Track Listing:

1. The Halls of Khazad-Dum

2. The Deathless Crown

3. Lord of Isengard

4. Legion of the White Hand

5. The Fell Rider’s Scourge

6. The Black Hand of Gorthaur

7. Masters of the Plains

8. Shelob the Great

9. Oathbreaker’s Curse


Plagues Upon Arda was recorded at No Passenger Studio by Spencer Fox and Trae Titus.

Trae Titus – Symphonics

Album cover art by Kosta Djordjevic and digitally painted by Matt Zeilinger.

All other art by Luka and Kosta Djordjevic.



Luka Djordjevic – Vocals / Lyrics

Alex Rausa- Guitars

Tony Cannizzaro – Bass

Peter Kissane- Drums

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