MetalDays: Final band announcement / STRAY TRAIN with new album

Right on time for Easter, MetalDays gave us 14 reasons to be excited: The last bands for the 2017 edition of the ultimate metal holiday are here!

Unfortunately, there is also a less exciting news as Goatwhore had to cancel their gig at this year’s MetalDays.

Nevertheless, with these newly added top bands there is still enough reason for anticipation: HEAVEN SHALL BURN, SÓLSTAFIR, BÖMBERS, GRAVE DIGGER, FIRESPAWN, RAVEN, LIK, BOTANIST, THE CRAWLING, GREYBEARDS, SEVEN SPIRES, PANTALEON, PIKES EDGE and NORD.

The full line up as well as information on all bands can be found here:


Those who don’t have a ticket yet, should be quick to grab one as MetalDays is faster than ever on its way to “sold out” this year.

Festival tickets as well as 3-day- and 1-day-tickets are still available here:

The full line up of MetalDays 2017, taking place in Tolmin, Slovenia, on July 23rd – 29th, reads as follows:

Abbath, ABSU, Amon Amarth, Amorgen, Angelus Apatrida, Architects, Aversions Crown, Aaven, Battlesword, Batushka, Beheaded, Blood Ages, Bloodbath, Blues Pills, Bömbers, Botanist, Burn Fuse, Cancer, Carnage Calligraphy, Carrion, Centuries, Chontaraz, Crisix, Dead End, Death Angel, Dool, Dordeduh, Doro, Ebony Archways, Equilibrium, Evil Invaders, Fallen Tyrant, Fir Bolg, Firespawn, Firtan, Fit for an Autopsy, For I am King, Fractal Universe, Grand Magus, Grave Digger, Greybeards, Grime, Gust, Gutalax, Heaven Shall Burn, Hell, Hellcrawler, Iced Earth, Immorgon, In the Crossfire, Infected Chaos, Kadavar, Katana, Katatonia, Kobra and the Lotus, Krisiun, Lik, Loathe, Lost Society, Loudness, Macabre, Marilyn Manson, MGLA, Moros, Morywa, Mynded, Myriad Lights, Na Cruithne, Nemost, Nord, Novacrow, Omophagia, Opeth, Ortega, Overtures, Pain, Pain Is, Pantaleon, Persefone, Pikes Edge, Rapid Force, Raven, Rectal Smegma, Reverend Hound, Sanctuary, Sasquatch, Selfmachine, Seven Spires, Shining, Shotdown, Sinister, Sleepers’ Guilt, Snake Eater, Sober Assault, Sólstafir, Spasm, Srd, Stortregn, Suicidal Angels, Tears of Martyr, The Black Court, The Crawling, The Foreshadowing, The Great Discord, Transceatla, Triosphere, Turbowarrior of Steel, Tyrmfar, Tytus, Vasectomy, Venom inc., Vexevoid, Vision of Atlantis, Warbringer, Whorion, Witchfynde, Xandria, Zayn

Stray Train – New album + tour

Some time ago, Stray Train made a promise to their fans – the promise not to sleep on what the band calls “our little success” after their highly praised debut album “Just ‘cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town” and an epic European tour with Blues Pills and Kadavar.

The proof that Stray Train are keeping that promise didn’t take long: The band’s second album is just on the way and will have the promising title “Stray Train II, Blues from Hell. The Legend of the Courageous Five”.

It was recorded at Wisseloord Studios in Holland and was, after the first album’s success, self-produced again and this time mixed by Ronald Prent, widely known for his work with acts like Simple Minds, Def Leppard or Rammstein.

While fans still have to wait for the album until September 2017, the band already released a sneak peek of the new album artwork.


Another promise the band made (and keeps) was a tour – that has now been announced for spring/summer 2017. The following dates are already confirmed for the “Stray Train Tour from Hell PT1”:

28.04. SI – Orto Bar (Orto fest), Ljubljana

12.05. SI – Ormož (Moto srečanje)

27.05. SI – Čajnica Peč, Slovenj Gradec

01.07. SI – Gora Rocka, Šentviška Gora

05.-06.07. ES – Resurrection Festival

07.07. DE – Pfullendorf – Seepark Biker Days

08.07. DE – Nürnberg – The Cult

22.07. DE – Weigendorfer Open Air

25.08. SI – Motörcity, Tolmin

With more dates for the second part of this tour in autumn/winter 2017 on the way and a brand new video in the making, Stray Train are ready to roll again and looking forward to meet old and new fans while continuing the great adventure the band has started in 2015.

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