Mammothfest Brighton 2017 Invitation – Join The Stampede!

Brighton’s only true metal festival, MAMMOTHFEST is inviting you to cover this year’s three-day event in Brighton from OCTOBER 6TH until OCTOBER 8TH with access all areas to get you anywhere and everywhere. Come down, have a blast and see the mammoth thrive!

MAMMOTHFEST is currently an indoor hard rock and metal festival. This year the event will be held at it’s new home, The Arch in Brighton across the three days. This is set to be the most immense event yet, back for the fifth round following the success of previous years with a mighty line-up of over 50 ACTS! Past bands include: Onslaught, Feed The Rhino, Textures, Venom Inc , Ingested, Martyr Defiled, Entombed, Sylosis and Savage Messiah.

The full line up/themes and arrangements of this huge event are as follows:



THE ARCH – 187-193 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB

MAIN STAGE – Rotting Christ (UK Exclusive), Tsjuder (UK Exclusive) The Infernal Sea, Vehement.

SECOND STAGE – Ethereal, Heathen Deity, Necro Nautical

VIP STAGE – The Crimson Brigade, Deitus


THE ARCH – 187-193 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB

MAIN STAGE – Fleshgod Apocalypse (UK Exclusive), Dragged Into Sunlight, Akercocke, Lawnmower Deth, Meta-Stasis, Abhorrent Decimation, Death Remains, Bleed Again, Kill All The Gentlemen

SECOND STAGE – No Raza, Warcrab,  Ascaris, Materia, Damaj, Synaptik, Devil Wants Her Swagger Back, Hole In The Sky, Gutteral Carnage

VIP STAGE – Seething Akira, Lagerstein


THE ARCH- 187-193 Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB

MAIN STAGE (STONER / DOOM) – Amenra (UK Exclusive),  Vodun, OHHMS, Patrick Walker (40 Watt Sun),  Telepathy, Grave Lines, Wren, Haast’s Eagled, Kurokuma, Kalloused,  Urne, Solleme

SECOND STAGE (RIKSTOCK) – Core of iO, Vigil, Thermit, Rotten Foxes, Negative Measures,  This Is Turin, Thuum,  Confronted, Pensevor, Mutually Assured Destruction,

VIP STAGE – Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters

Mammothfest has grown from single stage all dayer, to a full weekend with wider options. We’re proud of our growth and we’d love it if you can see the continuous evolution of the mammoth.

About Mammothfest:

Mammothfest has previously been nominated for Best Small & Metropolitan Festival and made it into the 2016 finalists in the UK Festival Awards & TBFM Festival awards for Best Independent Festival 2016. The festival is currently an indoor hard rock and metal festival, set in the seaside town of Brighton, UK across the weekend with different genre stages. Now in its fifth year, past bands include: Onslaught, Textures, Venom Inc, Conan, Ingested, Martyr Defiled, Entombed, Sylosis, Orange Goblin, Mnemic, Sybreed, Heart of a Coward and many more. Mammothfest has grown from a couple of single venue all-day shows to the multi-venue event it is today and will only continue to expand until eventually being an outdoor festival on the south coast. As well as the main festival event, Mammothfest also holds massive ‘Mammothfest Presents’ shows in Brighton, which to date include headliners, Feed The Rhino, Brutality Will Prevail and Vader.

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