Insane Therapy unveils new song ‘United We Stand’ from upcoming album “Fracture”

Insane Therapy unveils new song “United We Stand” extracted from the upcoming album “Fracture”






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Insane Therapy is an Italian band  that  has just one simple goal, playing extreme music as loud as possible. Despite being usually labeled as a death-core band their music encompasses many aspects of the metal genre. Breakdowns and fast groovy riffs along with gloomy melodies and a massive sound, different types of growl and scream along with fast metrics and  parts that get stuck in your head, are the main features that set them apart from other bands. Their sound stems from both many hours spent in rehearsing and a steady live activity. Their lyrics want to open the mind’s eye of their listeners talking the importance of keeping your own identity in order to not conform to the masses. Insane Therapy addresses many issues that affect our everyday life such as racism, corruption and bigotry. Insane Therapy have released an EP “A Veil Of Silence”, a split album “Dehumanization”( via Extreminal Productions / Arizali Notalar Records) , a Full Lenght Album( The Decline Of The Human Race (via Sliptrick Records) and  have took part in some tours in Europe and Russia sharing the stage with bands as Upon A Burning Body, Upon This Dawning, Your Demise, Ratos De Porao, The Juliet Massacre and much more.

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