Impiedoso: Listen now to new album “Reign in Darkness”!


The recently released “Reign in Darkness” by the IMPIEDOSO band from Brazil can already be heard and acquired among the main streaming services in the world.

Due to the strong partnership of the group with the SANGUE FRIO RECORDS label, the new full length has gained a strong digital distribution and since July 25, 2017 already figured on the platforms listed below, see:



ITunes / Apple Music:

Claro Música:


Tidal / Wimp:


Amazon Music:

Google Play:

To purchase the album “Reign in Darkness” – in the physical and digital version – and support the IMPIEDOSO visit the band’s official Bandcamp by the following link:

Another way to buy the CD can be made by the store of SANGUE FRIO RECORDS, check out:

Contact for shows and advice:

Related Sites:



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