The newest effort by Prog Metal duo, DFB, is finally hitting retailers today, and streaming in full via idobi radio’s website.


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The newest effort by Prog Metal duo, DFB, is finally hitting retailers today, and streaming in full via idobi radio’s website. Make sure to also catch Domino and Transcendence, two of the band’s singles, on their radio station throughout the day. After working for months on the new tunes, and working hard to make a name for themselves, the band is finally happy to put the fruit of their labor out there for the world to see, and jam to. Fans of PeripheryKillswitch Engage, and Meshuggah are sure to have their interest piqued. With multiple appearances at NAMM, Metalfest V under their belts, online support from different communities, and multiple endorsers from companies such as Seymour Duncan, Legator Guitars, Jim Dunlop, Laney Amps, Esoterik Guitars, and many more, the band is now working on a music video to keep fans in their toes, and headbanging to their tunes with Aaron Stechauner (Rings of Saturn).

Guitarist Dylan shared his thoughts on the official release: “This is one of our proudest works for sure having the best production of any of our releases along with the most unique sound – blending catchy lyrics, ground crushing riffs, and calm melodies with some shredded moments. It took countless hours to coordinate with the art, tracking, mixing, promoting, and video processing, but after seeing and hearing the final product it was without a doubt worth all the work.”


More about the Band,

Formed in 2011, Dylan Furr started his journey as a solo artist, recording and mixing two instrumental albums under his name, showing the world his signature songwriting style and blistering solo skills. Constantly looking to further develop his sound, he added his own vocals to the mix on his third full-length record Juxtaposition, then later re-recorded the album with his new versatile vocalist, Elijah Arnold, adding an entirely new level of singing to the mix. Bringing on new members to the band, the name was changed to DFB, and they are taking the metal world by storm, preparing to release yet another EP, Perspective, later this year.



“Perspective” is DFB‘s newest EP, available worldwide today.

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