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Founded in 2009, in Parisian region, DEMENTIA generates a miscellaneous Rock-Metal, between energy, might, melody, melancholia and soft madness.

Between the paths of Rock, Metal and Folk, DEMENTIA’s influences are multiple. Their inspirations pulled from Papa Roach-like and Alter Bridge-like U.S. Rock-Metal, as much as Slash-like rock or even the 90’s scene of Seattle.

However, their musical culture leaves space for a bigger diversity; and it is not rare to hear at times in their compositions, influences much more diverse.

Braking the modes, their unclassifiable sound finds a place on their first album titled” Persona”  that will be out on September the 8th 2017.


“Persona” is the first album of the French band DEMENTIA.

In the realm of rock and modern metal, one can hear in this first effort, all the wealth and variety of their influences. The members of the group love to create in the mist of a style that is hard to classify.

From modern metal « LIES », to Foo Fighter-like rock on « LOVE TONIGHT », or even the swinging “ENTER PHOENIX”, to the more heavy metal “TOO LONG”, to the hovering “DRIVE” or to the more urban “SCREENSAVER”, to the totally crazy “HATE” where Julien Dottel (Bukowki, Full Throttle Baby) has lent a hand to the quintet, to the rock ballads “ENDGAME” and “LITTLE BOAT”. Although a manifold album, it keeps a strong direction, through powerful riffs and neat melodies”Persona” marks here the basis of a band with an unclassifiable sound, powerful and melodic.

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