CURRENTS – announce their debut album »The Place I Feel Safest« today!


Los Angeles based independent record label SharpTone Records recently announced the signing of Connecticut metalcore/djent band CURRENTS. Today, CURRENTS announce the release of their upcoming album »The Place I Feel Safest«, scheduled to be released on June 16th, 2017! This upcoming record will mark the band’s debut full-length album, following two previous EPs with their former vocalist. CURRENTS, formed in 2011 has solidified their lineup in recent years with Brian Wille (vocals), Jeff Brown (drums), Chris Wiseman (guitar), Ryan Castaldi (guitar) and Dee Cronkite (bass). These members share a common current of energy that moved through one another towards the same vision. That vision will come to light on the band’s debut album. Speaking of the forthcoming record, Brown says: “It’s definitely dark lyrically. Although some of the leads and drums might make it more upbeat. Over all the album is about Brian’s thoughts and fighting his demons. We left all the vocals up to him so he could have full creative control. It turned out awesome and we are super proud of it. The instruments came together over 2 years of writing. We went into the studio with over 50 songs and ideas and left with 13 songs we believed were our best work.”

In conjunction with the signing announcement, CURRENTS has also debuted a video for their brand new song ‘Night Terrors’, from their forthcoming record »The Place I Feel Safest«.

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