CARTHAGODS conjure the devil’s dolls

Carthagods, veterans of Tunisia’s Metal scene, have just released their first lyric video on the band’s YouTube channel. The video’s song is  called ‘The Devil’s Dolls’ and is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, also entitled “The Devil’s Dolls”. Marcel Coenen (Lemur Voice, Sun Caged, Iced Earth, Ayreon), a long-time collaborator of the band, lends his guitar-playing talents to the release.

Carthagods play an epic vein of traditional Metal in a style that is highly versatile.

The Power of Metal Webzine asked Mahdi Kehma (lead vocals with Carthagods) how well “The Devil’s Dolls” EP compares with “Carthagods”, the band’s debut (and only) album released in 2016……

“It [the debut album] is different in a certain way for sure, because as you may know it took 18 years, such a long time, to be released and we had several line up changes and mood changes as well! But after we put together the songs for the album we looked at the evolution of our songwriting and we found different influences but the same way of reasoning about song-structure, variations, melodies and so on. So for sure we will keep the dark and heavy side and add some more melodies and harmonies and chanting maybe, we will see, we’re still working on the project. And we love surprising.”

When we also asked Mahdi what the song ‘The Devil’s Dolls’ is about, he said:

“Oh it’s very simple, it’s about what happens when greed and ignorance join forces. About how selfishness can be dangerous to the world and how immoral and heartless some people can be for seeking some kind of highway to « paradise » the one that they failed to realise in their only chance of living. So it’s going to be one theme, different stories and points of view.”

As Mahdi Kehma told us, a release date hasn’t yet been specified but Carthagods hope to tie the EP in with other projects the band is working on…..

“Actually we’re thinking about a European tour for next winter so we’ll surely introduce the EP at that point as a premiere performance before the official release.”

Mahdi Khema – lead and backing vocals
Tarak Ben Sassi – guitars
Yessine Timon Belghith – bass
Zack – drums & backing vocals

Check out ‘The Devil’s Dolls’ lyric-video here below!

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