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Cradle of Filth – Heartbreak And Seance

11th July 2017

New video from Cradle Of Filth. A fine combination of power, speed, goth atmosphere and melody - as we know it from Britain's finest extreme metallers.

Music Video

The Interbeing – Deceptive Signal

12th May 2017

The mind blowing video speaks for itself. It's as beautiful monster crafted by the hands of Danish metal outfit The Interbeing. This is tech metal performed at its best. Love it.

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Fractal Universe – Sons of Ignorance

23rd March 2017

I've been listening to this band for a week - on my way to and from work. A great tech-death band from Nancy France that deserves your undivided attention! You're welcome. =)

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Sepultura – Phantom Self

25th February 2017

Sepultura are SO back in shape with the Machine Messiah album. Lots of surprises and, well, just plain old heavy f**king metal.

Music Video

Uneven Structure – Frost/Hail

18th April 2013

One of the best albums to be released in the djent genre ever. This is a brilliantly crafted piece of visual art, perfect accompaniment to the song. I keep coming back to this song/video. Thall all the way.

Music Video

Korn – The Serenity Of Suffering

22nd August 2016

I've been a korn fan for almost 20 years now and still going strong. They almost lost me during their dubstep era, but thankfully their have finally returned to form and return to what korn should sound like. This song is a perfect example of their importance to the nu-metal scene and why I keep loving them.