Music Video

HEMI – Death Wizard

26th April 2018

Very cool thrash metal tune from Chicago's HEMI. Give it a listen!

Music Video

Helloween – I Want Out

31st October 1988

When I'm feeling down and angry, I play this song. It gives me the energy to go on and to put my happy face up again!

Music Video

Defecto – Savage

10th October 2017

The Defecto boys brings us the "follow-up" to the video Sovereign from 2016, and they deliver another fun video to the metalheads. It's one of their most catchiest tune taken from their second album Nemesis, and showcases that wedding and metal fits like a hand in glove. Have a blast.

Music Video

Ostura – Deathless

25th January 2018

One of the best songs to be released in 2018. This is dark progressive metal spiced up with Middle Eastern melodies. Blend it with massive cinematic soundscapes, and some of the best male vocals performance, and we have a winner. The lyric video does its job to perfection, and gets the message accross.

Music Video

BAEST – Crosswhore

11th January 2018

Young Danish band with hearts that beat for old school death metal. Think Bloodbath, Entombed and the like. Heavy stuff!