Until Rain

26th April 2017

UNTIL RAIN is an alternative prog metal band formed in 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The band’s music is a mix of many musical elements such as prog, melodic and experimental metal, art rock, electronic music, [Read »]


17th April 2017

Pyramaze was formed in 2001 by guitarist Michael Kammeyer. Next to join were fellow Danes drummer Morten Gade Sørensen (Wuthering Heights, Anubis Gate) and bassist Niels Kvist. American keyboardist Jonah Weingarten, who originally met Kammeyer [Read »]

Kolony Records

15th April 2017

Kolony Records is a record label established in the year 2008. They focusing on heavy metal music and all its related genres. Kolony Records’ roster consists of bands from all over the world. Their network [Read »]

Fractal Universe

15th April 2017

Fractal Universe is a Progressive Death Metal Band from Nancy, France, founded in 2014. The band releases its first EP “Boundaries of Reality” in February 2015, a somber and intense opus, tinted with various colors [Read »]

Sensory Records

15th April 2017

Sensory was established in 1997 as a subsidiary label of The Laser’s Edge. Its purpose is to spotlight artists who approach the metal genre with an exploratory and progressive attitude. Complexity and intelligence combined with [Read »]

Damnations Day

15th April 2017

Founded by brothers Mark Kennedy (guitar and vocals) and Dean Kennedy (drums), accompanied by Jon King (Lead guitar) Damnations Day released their debut album “Invisible, the Dead” to amazing reviews.Off the release of “Invisible, the [Read »]


15th April 2017

Ayreon is a musical project by Dutch songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist musician and record producer Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Ayreon’s music is described as progressive rock, progressive metal and power metal sometimes combined with genres such as [Read »]

Alkemist Fanatix

15th April 2017

Alkemist Fanatix Europe has been founded 6 years ago by Carlo Bellotti and cooperates with partners all over the world. Alkemist Fanatix Europe works with bands and record labels and helps with distribution, licensing campaigns [Read »]