Steve Harris British Lion

15th August 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Side-project of Steve Harris. Richard Taylor and Grahame Leslie were members of a band called British Lion, who approached Steve Harris in 1992 with a view to produce them. Steve liked their songs, and agreed to help, but the [Read »]

Kobra And The Lotus

15th August 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Launched in 2009, Kobra And The Lotus is the lifeblood and passion of Canadian vocalist Kobra Paige. Eight years into their journey, the band has gone through significant changes in sound and personnel to the [Read »]

Graham Bonnet Band

6th August 2017 Kenn Jensen

Graham Bonnet (born 23 December 1947) is an English rock singer and songwriter. He has recorded and performed as a solo artist and as a member of several hard rock and heavy metal bands including [Read »]

Album Reviews

Alice Cooper – Paranormal

3rd August 2017 Kenn Jensen

Alice Cooper, the Godfather of Shock Rock, is back! Approaching 50 years in rock ‘n’ roll is an accomplishment not many reach, but one Vincent Damon Furnier is quickly approaching. He has always been an extraordinary [Read »]

Alice Cooper

3rd August 2017 Kenn Jensen

Alice Cooper (born Vincent Damon Furnier; February 4, 1948) is an American singer, songwriter, and actor whose career spans over five decades. With his distinctive raspy voice and a stage show that features guillotines, electric [Read »]

Album Reviews

Rex Brown – Smoke On This

1st August 2017 Liam Savage

Venturing out on your own in a musical capacity can be a daunting task at times, especially with a solid history of band collaborations that has yielded a ton of success.  Such is the case [Read »]

Rex Brown

1st August 2017 Liam Savage

A seasoned troubadour from down South with a dense, rich, and colorful life experience, Rex Brown is far greater than the sum total of his already impressive discography as it’s been laid down. Stepping out [Read »]

Rise Records

1st August 2017 Wade Reitz

Rise Records is an American record label currently based in Beaverton, Oregon, specialized in the release of punk rock and post-hardcore music.

Album Reviews

Ten – Gothica

30th July 2017 Kenn Jensen

I still have a very fine recollection of my first exposure to Ten, back when I bought their second album The Name of the Rose in 1996. Not many hard rock albums stood out that [Read »]