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Into Eternity

23rd July 2018 Reinier de Vries

Founded in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) by Tim Roth in the late ’90s, INTO ETERNITY first caught the attention of a small Dutch label that released their self-titled debut in 2000. Two years later, sophomore album [Read »]


19th December 2017 Haydee G.

Genre: Metal / Experimental / Progressive Band Members: Alessandro Castelli, guitar Sami El Kadi, vocals Cecilia Nappo, bass Federico Maragoni, drums Location: Rome, Italy

Album Reviews

Panzerballett – X-Mas Death Jazz

20th November 2017 Thomas Nielsen

“Dad, that actually sounds pretty bad.” Thus my eleven-year-old daughter in the car one afternoon after I had received the promo copy of X-Mas Death Jazz by German Panzerballett. There is the thing with children [Read »]


9th November 2017 /raVen/

Ukranian Doom Metal band from Kiev Ukraine

Sliptrick Records

5th November 2017 /raVen/

Sliptrick Records comprises an array of businesses aimed at helping artists achieve long-term creative and financial success while providing consumers with the highest-quality music content available. Sliptrick Records is engaged in the recorded music business [Read »]


20th May 2017 Liam Savage

Hailing from Grand Forks, B.C, named after, as vocalist Shane Sherman explains, “a slang term local to our area for a piece of machinery that was used in the mines over a hundred years ago.” [Read »]

Album Reviews

Slagduster – Deadweight

20th May 2017 Liam Savage

Diversity and originality, while a great concept in the theory of songwriting, is one thing to commit to, but to see it to fruition is an entirely different matter.  Making music your own requires a [Read »]

Kolony Records

15th April 2017 Haydee G.

Kolony Records is a record label established in the year 2008. They focusing on heavy metal music and all its related genres. Kolony Records’ roster consists of bands from all over the world. Their network [Read »]