Album Reviews

Katla – Móðurástin

30th December 2017 Thomas Nielsen

Now, this is something special. It took me a while to realise how unique this album is, but I am kind of hooked now. My apologies for being so late – the album has been [Read »]

No Picture


30th December 2017 Thomas Nielsen

Icelandic atmospheric metal band consisting of former Sólstafir drummer Guðmundur Óli Pálmason and Fortíð singer Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson.


6th September 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Forsaken, one of Southern Europe’s longest standing and premier doom metal outfits, were formed in 1990 under the moniker “Blind Alley”. Based in Malta, the band adopted the epithet “Forsaken” in 1991 and released their [Read »]


30th August 2017 Liam Savage

Xanthochroid is an Epic Black Metal band that strives to produce the most sophisticated and enthralling compositions in the metal scene today. Taking influence from bands like Emperor, Opeth, Moonsorrow, Wintersun, and many others; Xanthochroid [Read »]


15th July 2017 Tommy Sonne Skøtt

Formed by Jari Mäenpää as a side project when he was in Ensiferum. When the sessions booked for the recording of the first album clashed with an Ensiferum tour, Jari left Ensiferum. The first album was recorded entirely [Read »]

Kolony Records

15th April 2017 Haydee G.

Kolony Records is a record label established in the year 2008. They focusing on heavy metal music and all its related genres. Kolony Records’ roster consists of bands from all over the world. Their network [Read »]