On the rack: Pablo from NahemaH

Wretched sinner, tell us about your latest deeds of evil and spite, 'A New Constellation'!



Our new album is an abstract, passional and spiritual reflection of our feelings. Is a new constellation of sound atmospheres that look and search to elevate higher the spirit.

Is a link of extremes in music because we mix extreme metal, progressive metal, jazz, electronic music and post rock, with a full load of passion and sensuality.


You fiend! You intend to tour the world with this devilish noise, don't you?!

Yes, that is a very important target to us. We will try to tour as much as possible. We want to cross Europe with our sound during next autumn.

I reckon you have many ungodly stories from your sinful tours. You might as well give us the worst story since we're preparing to fry you anyway!

Sure! Because every touring day is an adventure. The best is to feel on the road knowing you will play to different people every day. And is very good the crazy laughs we have every day doing the freak while driving, while you are resting beside the track on petrol stations, etc….

The worst thing is when the van is fucked off and you feel in the middle of nowhere and you have to call a mechanic to repair it.

Oh, you are indeed a wretch! If we had not caught you, what would you and your cohordes have done now? Recorded even more of your fiendish rattling?

Now we want to focuse ourselves on live performances, but we are thinking about the new ideas of the future sound of NahemaH  and the way  how to evolve the sound of the next cd of ”A New Constellation”.  We have really good things inside our head and people will be really sorpessed about that.


Damnations! You are beyond redemption. Name the five musical pieces that you want to bring with you when we send you to hell!

1. Songs of Faith and Devotion (Depeche Mode)
2. Dirt (Alice in Chains)
3. Aenima (Tool)
4. Dummy (Portishead)
5. Haven (Dark Tranquillity)


  This Inquisition Symphony was conducted by the Power of Metal in June in the year of our Lord 2009.