Album Reviews

Vesperia – The Iron Tempests EP

15th July 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

When I read the words “Epic Metal”, my mind creates a whole movie soundtrack. There is a big orchestra playing… well, epic melodies, and I imagine massive fight scenes involving vikings, knights and something like that. And [Read »]

Album Reviews

Naïve – Altra

12th July 2015 Sophie Ruhnke

Naïve is a French band which really aroused my interest with their genre: Electro/Trip-Hop/Metal. I couldn’t imagine what this style would sound like, so I got curious and gave their new record Altra, which was already [Read »]

Album Reviews

My Hollow – On Borrowed Time

9th July 2015 Wade Reitz

Surprises can be surprisingly good and surprisingly bad. I always prefer a “Surprise! You won!” versus a “Surprise! You’re fired!” The other day when I was looking through the list of promos to check out, [Read »]

Album Reviews

Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic

30th June 2015 James

In 2002, North Carolina based progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me released their first self-titled album. Now here we are thirteen years later looking at their seventh studio release Coma Ecliptic, and I [Read »]