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Nerv – Vergentis In Senium

21st June 2015 Thomas Nielsen

Warning: high technical level! French four-piece Nerv hurl the listener into a dystopian world consisting of furious, angry and complex music. Although marketed mainly as hardcore, this reminds me more of djent stuff. Meshuggah are not far away [Read »]

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Sotajumala – Raunioissa

21st June 2015 Markus Falkenberg

The first thing I noticed about Sotajumala’s album was its speed. It starts surprisingly slow and – with few exceptions – remains slow, but without sacrificing its heaviness in any way or form. There are [Read »]

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Glowsun – Beyond the Wall of Time

21st June 2015 James

Glowsun is an instrumental psychedelic band from Lille, France. They’re set to release their album “Beyond the Wall of Time” on the 26th of June. Something that caught my attention is that they really, really like [Read »]

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Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War

19th June 2015 Wade Reitz

Hate can be a very extreme emotion. The level of deep dislike can be powerful and all consuming. Sometimes hate grows over a long period, other times it is taught from birth. Hate can be [Read »]

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Atavismo – Desintegración

19th June 2015 James

Atavismo is a space rock band from Algeciras, Spain. Their album “Desintegración” was released on the 16th of June, and I’m pretty into it. Like many bands of this kind of genre, Atavismo’s thing is [Read »]

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Vennart – The Demon Joke

18th June 2015 Rob Pociluk

I was really disappointed when Oceansize broke up a few years back. I loved every album they did, so I was really happy that lead vocalist Mike Vennart decided to make a solo album. “The [Read »]

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Mandowar – Hellboys From Cow

18th June 2015 Thomas Nielsen

This is as silly as it sounds. No, actually; it’s even beyond that. It’s daft. It’s a rape of metal classics. The concept: Three German guys on mandolin, bass and guitar make their interpretations of metal and [Read »]