Album Reviews

Pyramaze – Contingent

7th May 2017 Kenn Jensen

It’s actually pretty impressive that Pyramaze has been able to deliver one fantastic album after another if you take into consideration just how many people have been involved in the five albums they’ve released since [Read »]

Album Reviews

Ayreon – The Source

29th April 2017 Kenn Jensen

Into the Electric Castle became one of my absolute favorite albums to this date when it was released in 1998. Arjen Anthony Lucassen became synonymous with the term and genre Metal Opera. The albums that followed expended [Read »]

Album Reviews

Lonely Robot – The Big Dream

28th April 2017 Kenn Jensen

John Mitchell is an excellent songwriter, musician, vocalist and producer. When he catalyzes all his energy and talent into something like Lonely Robot, the result is often breathtaking and exceptional. He has been part of [Read »]

Album Reviews

All But One – Square One

25th April 2017 Reinier de Vries

All But One is a band started as a project with members of Alestorm, Heaven Shall Burn, and When Our Time Comes.  Looking at the bands you might expect some brutal metalcore with pirate influences. Well [Read »]