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Fates Warning – Live Over Europe

13th August 2018 Rick Ossian

Long touted as the progenitors of progressive heavy metal, these stalwarts from Hartford, Connecticut have been at it since 1982.  Since then they have circumnavigated the world and ruled festival stages globally.  For the most [Read »]

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The Chapter – Angels And Demons

11th August 2018 Chris Galea

“Angels And Demons” is a surprisingly strong debut from Portuguese band The Chapter. Musically the album has strong hints of Moonspell, especially with regards the deep-sounding lead vocals. Other elements recall early Dark Tranquillity, Opeth [Read »]

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Motör Militia – World In Flames

6th August 2018 Chris Galea

It’s not often that I have the opportunity to review a Metal album from the Middle East. Motör Militia are in fact from Bahrain, an archipelago in the Persian Gulf between Saudi Arabia and Qatar [Read »]

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Distorted Harmony – A Way Out

5th August 2018 Rick Ossian

Many may know Distorted Harmony from their previous LP’s, Chain Reaction (2014) and Utopia (2012). The Tel Aviv band was formed in 2010.  Those who are in the know can tell you that this band [Read »]

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Gwydion – Thirteen

4th August 2018 Chris Galea

Despite “Thirteen” being the band’s 4th album, it’s only my first opportunity to uncover Gwydion’s music. The band is from Portugal, and their songs speak of Vikings, Celtic mythology and Pagan lore, particularly in relation [Read »]

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Celtachor – Fiannaíocht

27th July 2018 Chris Galea

Celtachor identify with the mythology of Ireland, the band’s country of origin, and have been doing so for about a decade. With “Fiannaíocht” the band takes specific inspiration from old books of poetry ingrained in [Read »]

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Doro – Forever Warriors

26th July 2018 Chris Galea

Disclaimer: this is a review of half of a double-album as provided by the label. Or maybe this is the entire thing while the double-album format (featuring 19, not 10, tracks….over 2, not 1, CDs) [Read »]