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Aalborg Metal Festival 2016

20th November 2016 Thomas Nielsen

Aalborg Metal Festival Venue: Studenterhuset, Aalborg, Denmark Dates: 11th and 12th of November For those of you ignorant wretches out there who know nothing about Danish geography, I can share that Aalborg is a town [Read »]

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UK Metal scene update

20th November 2016 Chris Galea

IT LIVES! Soldier, Spartan Warrior, Buffalo, Sacrilege, Quartz, Chariot, Troyen, Battleaxe, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Dealer, Praying Mantis, Grim Reaper, Snatch-Back, Salem, Demon, Saracen, The Deep, Mythra, Blitzkrieg, Paralex, Raven, Iron Maiden, Sparta, Chaser, Seventh [Read »]

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Battle of the Bays 2016

9th November 2016 Thomas Nielsen

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the announcement of the Battle of the Bays billing. Obituary, Exodus and Prong sharing stage in a fairly small venue? Almost too good to be true, but [Read »]

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Grim Reaper – London, England (23/09/2016)

11th October 2016 Chris Galea

Event:            Grim Reaper “Walking In The Shadows” album launch Bands:           Grim Reaper, Neuronspoiler, The Darker My Horizon Venue:          ‘The Underworld’, London. (England) Date:             23rd September, 2016 . (The) Grim Reaper live in the Underworld….. that [Read »]