Lorelei was founded in Eastern Siberia, Zabaikalye, Russia in 2003 and up to 2008 located there. During that period the founders of the band (Alexei and Marina) recorded a demo-album and published it as the Internet-release. The mand did mostle Symphonic metal that time. In 2009 Alexei and Marina fomed a line-up in Moscow and changed the genre of the music greatly. It became slower, heavier and depressive. In 2011 Lorelei recorded EP-album “Стон разбитой души”, including the best tracks of the past and again published it as the Internet-release. 

The main idea of Lorelei’s music is the fight of a human against himself and the world around him.
The lyrics is in Russian, since we wanted to show all the beauty of the language and render the full concept, ideas, evoke feelings and emotions of the lyrics

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