What is the essence and character of INCERTAIN best describes the regular live excesses that the five-headed Thrash / Death Metal band from Andernach near Koblenz have enjoyed over the past two years. The fast, aggressive and gloomy instrumental parts of SVEN (g), PHIL (g) JANIS (b) and LUIS (dr) have an additional punch at INCERTAIN with the unmistakable growl and scream power of SÄNGERIN HÜLYA.

After getting together in October 2012, six months of intensive work on songs and rehearsed several times a week.
But not enough! It was especially important for the bandmembers to get as much live experience as possible, but above all they wanted to taste what it’s like to be on stage, in front of a hungry, raw metal audience, the energy that the band wanted to live out, and in the form of headbangs, Mosh Pits and a well-groomed Wall of Death hurls again – and just so it came!

Since at that time they were also in the circle of friends of the bands, who wanted to contribute something to the local music scene in the vicinity of Koblenz, which made it their vocation to live just that,
March 9, 2013, the first live performance of the 16-year-old group. The gig took place at the JAM CLUB in Koblenz, which the band should visit in the course of their journey.
The event had the title “Waves of Rock” and was then among others. under the direction of FLORIAN HILGER (Shout Loud – concerts and more // Loud Fest) and Gabriel Krämer, two loyal supporters of the band.

In addition, there was the possibility to play live live, and little by little a name was developed as a young newcomer troupe of the regional metal scene. In the summer of 2013, the line up of the band decided to take on a new structure, and SVEN, who had previously served the bass as a supplementary riffing and solo reinforcement, had a second guitar and a new bass player, Jonathan “Jonny” Graf with to the band. From now on INCERTAIN found itself in a new constellation, with from now on two guitars again.
In May 2014, the band experienced one of their most intense live shows, the A CHANCE FOR METAL FESTIVAL, which took place every year at the JUZ LIVE CLUB ANDERNACH in early May.
With this show INCERTAIN was in front of a much larger audience than before, and as part of the video documentation HEAVY METAL MADE IN GERMANY, the concert was recorded with numerous cameras and microphones, and can be found on the Internet at YOUTUBE.
Here, the band managed to draw attention to themselves, and to organize the demolition badly with the audience.
It was clear to the band that this day was MAGIC!
He might even be the starting shot for more successful and well-attended INCERTAIN SHOWS in 2014.
In November 2014, there was a clear difference in opinion regarding the way the band went, so that Jonny and the rest of Incertain had to separate.
His post on the bass took over from now on Janis Wilkes, a good friend and fan of the band. With him, the band was able to deliver an effect and energy-loaded live show in the home location JUZ LIVE CLUB Andenach on the 13th of December, 2014, on the 13th of December, 2014, and make a well-groomed THRASH / DEATH demolition!
But something quite decisive was still missing – a record carrier! This was the next step to go. And so you put effort and time into different recording sessions until it was clear what was to come.
In January 2015 they went to the studio of Sonic Production
to record the first SINGLE entitled “MY HOSTAGE”. The band had already performed the song several times, and it was recognized by the raving audience: this song is exactly what the fans want and celebrate!

In a SINGLE, however, the band did not want to be left for the first real record, and so they decided to allow three DEMO-TRACKS to be pressed from their previous recording sessions.
So the SINGLE certainly grew to a 4-track disc, and INCERTAIN should open further doors, take a step further, in order to be able to work on an album in future!

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