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Grim Reaper – London, England (23/09/2016)

11th October 2016 Chris Galea

Event:            Grim Reaper “Walking In The Shadows” album launch Bands:           Grim Reaper, Neuronspoiler, The Darker My Horizon Venue:          ‘The Underworld’, London. (England) Date:             23rd September, 2016 . (The) Grim Reaper live in the Underworld….. that [Read »]


Free song download from SONS OF ICARUS

8th October 2016

Bluesy Hard Rockers Sons Of Icarus have made available a previously unreleased song as a free download. The song is called suitably called ‘The End’ since the band split up in August 2016. About this free download, [Read »]

Album Reviews

Sacro Sanctus – Ad Aeternum

1st October 2016 Chris Galea

Albert Bell is responsible for the bass and songwriting with Doom Metal titans Forsaken and Nomad Son. Having known Albert for more years than I can remember, I was aware that his musical interests go [Read »]

Album Reviews

Blind Saviour – The Master Plan

21st September 2016 Chris Galea

Rising above the mundane of Power and Thrash Metal is no easy feat these days but with “The Master Plan” Blind Saviour imbibe the aforementioned genres with their own distinctive characteristics to create an enjoyable [Read »]


Titanfest confirms final line-up for 2016

20th September 2016

TITANFEST 2016 has just announced the final line-up for its all-dayer, taking place on Saturday, November 19th in London. This will be the second edition of the annual festival. Joining the bill are theatrical metallers Hell, [Read »]

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Mearfest 2016

29th August 2016 Chris Galea

Event: Mearfest (4th edition) Date: Saturday 13th August, 2016 Location: ‘The Borderline’, London, England. (EU) Bands: Desolation Angels, The Deep, Sacrilege, Troyen, Kaine, Not Fit For Humans . Fund-raising Metal festivals is a concept I’m [Read »]


TITANFEST reinforced

12th August 2016

TITANFEST 2016 – which will take place on Saturday November 19th – has made some additions to the event line up. The new additions to the bill are: NWOBHM heroes Oliver/Dawson Saxon, folk metal eccentrics Skyclad, [Read »]



6th August 2016

Next Saturday 13th sees the 4th edition of Mearfest hit the stage of London’s ‘Borderline’. The festival was conceived by Brian and Claire Mear and will be raising funds for The Willows Support Group, a charity organisation which provides assistance [Read »]

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Garage Dayz Re-Visited Festival 2016

10th July 2016 Chris Galea

Event: Garage Dayz Re-Visited (2nd edition) Locations: ‘The Garage’ (main event) & ‘The Unicorn’ (warm-up gig) – London, England (E.U.) Dates: 24th & 25th June, 2016 Bands: Quartz, Blitzkrieg, Chariot, Warrior, Tytan, Soldier, Sacrilege, Desolation [Read »]