Legends of the Shires

Album Type:
Release Date: 8th September 2017
Record Label: Nuclear Blast
Total Tracks: 14

Some prefers a blond woman over a brunette and then there’s them, who prefers a redhead. And in case of Threshold, the three vocalists Damian Wilson, Glynn Morgan and the late Andrew ‘Mac’ McDermott all have their fans! They are (/was) all three extremely talented singers and I love what they add to this wonderful band on all of their albums.

When the news broke that Damian Wilson had once more been fired and his replacement was no other than Glynn Morgan, who hasn’t been a part of the band for twenty-two years, many were very surprised and wondered how it would affect the sound on their upcoming new album Legends of the Shires? Well the move hasn’t left a mark, and I am once more sitting with another masterpiece from one of my absolute favourite progressive metal bands.

The song-writing dynamic duo of Karl Groom and Richard West takes us on another sonic roller-coaster ride on this new album; from the fantastic opener ‘Small Dark Lines’, a very straight forward in-your-face song, over the albums epic masterpiece ‘The Man Who Saw Through Time’, which captures the essence of the bands sound in 2017 for close to twelve minutes and so it continues over two discs.

And the signature sound is well preserved even though this sounds more like a classic Threshold album than their more recent releases, maybe it has to do with the fact that guitarist Pete Morten has left the band…

The fourteen songs are memorable, addictive and catchy, and no matter where you dig in, on this album you’ll be taken to progressive metal heaven; each day I find one song the best, the next day I find myself humming another… The hooks, the leads and the playing are of the highest calibre and this album has taken me by storm, and has catapulted straight into #1 on my all-time Threshold chart, and is quite possible the album to beat in the Album of the Year running!



Disc 1
1. The Shire (Part 1) (2:03)
2. Small Dark Lines (5:24)
3. The Man Who Saw Through Time (11:51)
4. Trust the Process (8:44)
5. Stars and Satellites (7:20)
6. On the Edge (5:20)

Disc 2
1. The Shire (Part 2) (5:24)
2. Snowblind (7:03)
3. Subliminal Freeways (4:51)
4. State of Independence (3:37)
5. Superior Machine (5:01)
6. The Shire (Part 3) (1:22)
7. Lost In Translation (10:20)
8. Swallowed (3:54)

Playing Time: 82:22

Glynn Morgan - Vocals
Karl Groom - Guitars
Steve Anderson - Bass
Johanne James - Drums
Richard West - Keyboards

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