Power Quest

Sixth Dimension

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13th October 2017
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Inner Wound Records
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After six years Power Quest is back with their sixth full length and how! After the slightly disappointing release of Nocturnal Rites a very pleasant surprise. Opener ‘Lords Of Tomorrow’ sets the high standard for the entire album immediately.

Sixth Dimension opens fast with ‘Lords Of Tomorrrow’, it has a nice melody, a good keyboard line and with tempos in Dragonforce mode. The vocals of Ashley Edison are excellent, Ashley has the voice a good power metal band needs. The guitar solos are splendid and virtuose throughout the album. “Starlight City” is next and is a real happy mid-tempo metal hymne, with a little bit of cheesy refrain and ‘whaaooooooohooo’ sing a long part. Many times this style turns out too cheesy and too boring, but not this time, the solos and excellent vocals safe the song. Fans of Freedom Call will certainly have a big smile on their face.

What I like best of Sixth Dimension are the mix of beautiful keyboard melodies varied and combined with faster tempos. ‘Kings and Glory’ is a perfect example, combining the speed of Dragonforce with the melody and catchyness of Freedom Call. ‘Face the Raven’ already was released on the 2016 EP and should be known by the fans already. Next is ‘No More Heroes Anymore’, a mid tempo song with a nice refrain. More AOR influences can be found back in ‘Revolution Fighters’, together with ‘Pray For the Day’one of the softer tracks, but with again a spectacular solo.

After that, the best has still to come, first is ‘Coming Home’ with its great keys and excellent build up from  soft to fast and back. Followed by the final title track, opening with a rather familiar keyboard part. A mid-paced hymne with again great melodies, an excellent refrain and near the end a guest appearance of former Nightwish singer Anette Olzon. My final judgement is that Power Quest delivered an album that has some interesting speed parts for the Dragonforce fans, but fans of Stratovarius and Freedom Call will also be pleased.

Great European power metal with enough variety in speed, melody, great vocals, amazing keyboard parts and solos.


01. Lords of Tomorrow
02. Starlight City
03. Kings and Glory
04. Face the Raven
05. No More Heroes
06. Revolution Fighters
07. Pray for the Day
08. Coming Home
09. The Sixth Dimension

Playing Time: 54:00

Ashley Edison - Vocals
Steve Williams - Keyboards
Andy Kopczyk - Guitars
Glyn Williams - Guitars
Paul Finnie - Bass
Rich Smith - Drums

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