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Exit Eden – Rhapsodies In Black

EXIT EDEN has four different singers from four different countries and four different backgrounds, yet they all fit together to create one upcoming group that will blow you away. What one thing do these singers have [Read »]

Album Reviews

Alice Cooper – Paranormal

Alice Cooper, the Godfather of Shock Rock, is back! Approaching 50 years in rock ‘n’ roll is an accomplishment not many reach, but one Vincent Damon Furnier is quickly approaching. He has always been an extraordinary [Read »]

Album Reviews

Rex Brown – Smoke On This

Venturing out on your own in a musical capacity can be a daunting task at times, especially with a solid history of band collaborations that has yielded a ton of success.  Such is the case [Read »]

Album Reviews

Make Them Suffer – Worlds Apart

I, as I am also guessing many of our readers, have temporarily become fixated on certain albums. For whatever reason they become somewhat addicting until the next brain monopolizing record comes along. For me, the [Read »]

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Ten – Gothica

I still have a very fine recollection of my first exposure to Ten, back when I bought their second album The Name of the Rose in 1996. Not many hard rock albums stood out that [Read »]

Album Reviews

Riverdogs – California

I think we all know the feeling when you find something you thought you’d lost, or when you hook with a friend you haven’t seen in ages… the feeling I get when I put on [Read »]

Album Reviews

Byzantine – The Cicade Tree

July and August are the months with the lowest number of new releases. Because of that, they are also not the most interesting or best releases in a year. However, this time the new Byzantine [Read »]

Album Reviews

Prong – Zero Days

There are not a lot of bands with an unique sound in the thrash scene. Prong however is a band you recognize immediately. Their typical combination of thrash, hardcore and a squeeze of industrial is [Read »]