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Burning Hatred – Carnage

If you would like some history about Burning Hatred, I advise you to click on the band’s name above. I am going to immediately talk about the new album Carnage! This is not a completely new [Read »]

Album Reviews

Hansen & Friends – Thank You Wacken

Kai Hansen is one the most important and influential musicians in all of metal, and especially when we talk about power metal. Helloween was of course the catapult that kicked off a new genre. Later [Read »]

Album Reviews

Municipal Waste – Slime and Punishment

There’s quite a few of us who have eagerly been awaiting the new Municipal Waste album which is released this week. Slime and Punishment is their 6th studio album and features the addition of new guitarist, Nik Poulos. [Read »]

Album of the Month

Dead Head – Swine Plague

BOOOOOOMMMMM! Right in your face! If you regularly listen to albums at maximum volume, you had better turn it down, otherwise your speakers will explode. This is how Slayer, Kreator, and Exodus were in their [Read »]

Album Reviews

My Regime – Deranged Patterns

This will be one of my shortest reviews this year. My Regime is a Swedish band featuring  singer/songwriter Spice, known for Spiritual Beggars, Kayser, and The Mushroom River Band. The new album Deranged Patterns is in the [Read »]

Album Reviews

Tankard – One Foot In The Grave

Many fans say that Heavy Metal is a way of life, something that will always be a part of you. For Tankard this is obviously true, because how else would it be possible for the [Read »]

Album Reviews

Klabautamann – Smaragd

Music that showcases many styles and layers to encompass a band sound is always welcome to me.  I enjoy reading about the aspects of a group’s sound before delving in aurally.  With Klabautamann, the black [Read »]