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Crypts of Despair – The Stench of the Earth

Forget the fact that Testimony Records© landed the biggest fish possible in what is now Crypts of Despair.  Forget the fact that “The Stench of the Earth” is beyond what a freshmen Lithuanian Death Metal band should sound [Read »]

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Blackfinger – When Colors Fade Away

It must have been around 1990, when I first listened to Trouble. Their self-titled, Rick Rubim produced album from that year was my introduction to the band, and I was a fan immediately. I picked [Read »]

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Azathoth Circle – Across The Wounds

Ukranian Alternative Death Metal band with grit and definite Edge! “A mixture of alternative, and blackened metal mixed with a hint of progressive southern rock….”  /raVen/ The transformation of Azathoth Circle from their EP ͞The [Read »]

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Angel Nation – Aeon

If you weren’t familiar with the works of ANGEL NATION before, the time to start doing so is right now. Their captivating video for their single ‘Burn The Witch’ is more than a great place [Read »]

Album of the Month

Communic – Where Echoes Gather

Damn, has it already been 7 years since their last release The Bottom Deep? It took them such a long time, due to family increase of both Oddleif and Tor-Atle and I can totally understand [Read »]

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Dr. Living Dead – Cosmic Conqueror

Dr. Living Dead from Stockholm has a kind of strange image with skull masks and bandanas. I don’t think that we should take that too ceriously, but fortunately it is not all gimmick, the music [Read »]

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Power Quest – Sixth Dimension

After six years Power Quest is back with their sixth full length and how! After the slightly disappointing release of Nocturnal Rites a very pleasant surprise. Opener ‘Lords Of Tomorrow’ sets the high standard for [Read »]

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Nocturnal Rites – Phoenix

Didn’t Nocturnal Rites play Thrash Metal, or am I imagining things? No, it turns out I’m not, but significant changes took place since I last heard the band. Phoenix is in fact dense with melodies, [Read »]

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Jag Panzer – The Deviant Chord

I dare you to name one bad album that Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin has been a part of… or to name a bad album from Jag Panzer! Sure Dissident Alliance was underwhelming to say the [Read »]

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Bloodbound – War Of Dragons

Here’s another album to fall into my hands only recently even though this was released back in February. Before first putting on this CD, the clues…artwork, moniker…all pointed to a visceral listening experience. In reality, [Read »]