Nocturnal Rites


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29th October 2017
Record Label:
AFM Records
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Didn’t Nocturnal Rites play Thrash Metal, or am I imagining things? No, it turns out I’m not, but significant changes took place since I last heard the band. Phoenix is in fact dense with melodies, has a highly polished sound, and Power Metal is now a much more fitting genre description. The lyrics for ‘Before We Waste Away’ contain the verses, We keep on building fences/When freedom’s up for sale“, and I can’t help thinking that that is a dig at the Nocturnal Rites’s own genre volatility.

The vocals of Jonny Lindqvist seem to have their roots in early Classic Rock, and add a touch of melodrama to the album. Some chugging riffs, mid-tempo runs, and excellent guitar solos hint at the band’s heavier roots, but those moments never last long, and for the most part the album struggles to sustain my interest. This is not to say there isn’t some quality stuff in Phoenix. ‘Welcome To The End’, for example, stands out. Its keyboards, choral harmonies, and guitar work evince its quality as a composition.

So while Phoenix has its moments, there still is not enough going on to make it an essential release. Likely to find kindred spirits within fans of Masterplan, Sabaton, and Serenity.


01. A Heart as Black as Coal
02. Before We Waste Away
03. The Poisonous Seed
04. Repent My Sins
05. What's Killing Me
06. A Song for You
07. The Ghost Inside Me
08. Nothing Can Break Me
09. Flames
10. Welcome to the End

Playing Time: 47:46

Jonny Lindqvist - Vocals
Nils Eriksson - Bass
Per Nilsson - Lead Guitar
Fredrik Mannberg - Guitar
Owe Lingvall - Drums

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