National Suicide

Massacre Elite

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Release Date:
22nd September 2017
Record Label:
Scarlet Records
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Massacre Elite is the third album from these Italian thrashers. Like the album, the review isn’t very long, but that isn’t necessary. Quality is more important than quantity. Stefano Mini’s voice sounds like he is an offspring of Bobby ‘Blitz’, Udo Dirkscheider, and Throsten Bergman (Living Death). That being said, it shouldn’t be a surprise I think that the music also has similarities with Overkill. In fact, the thrash National Suicide tortures the world with is rather old school: a nice mix of Destruction, Exodus, Overkill and some crossover influences reminding of Nuclear Assault.

I don’t need to say much more about the music, or it must be that Andreoli (bass) and  drummer Emilano play tighter than an ants ass. There have been quite a few good thrash albums this year, but National Suicide don’t have to be ashamed for their new birth. It is of high quality and it suits me just fine!


01. Deathroll
02. I'm Not a Zombie
03. Massacre Elite
04. Old, White And Italian
05. Pisshead
06. Trouble Ahead
07. Take Me To The Dive Bar
08. Unfit For The Army
09. What D’You Mean By Metal?

Playing Time: 36

Mini – vocals
Tiz – guitar
Valle – guitar
Ivan – bass
Ema – drums

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