Swallow Me Leaden Sky

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10th November 2017
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Solitude Productions
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Friday, November 10th brings forth the latest release from Solitude Productions© with Luna’sSwallow Me Leaden Sky“.  The bands third full length album to date.  With “Swallow Me Leaden Sky” Luna brings forth yet another successful and masterfully mixed blend of funeral, doom and death metal.

The third full length album from Luna follows on the previous foundations of the bands metal roots.  From the beginning in “Ashes to Ashes“, “There is No Tomorrow Gone Beyond Sorrow Under a Sheltering Mask“,  “On the Other Side of Life“, and the “Ceremony” single comes the all new and definite true to form “Swallow Me Leaden Sky“.

With “Swallow Me Leaden Sky” the artsits once again create an instrumental masterpiece with a focus on the darnkess of humanity.  According to Luna’s Bandcamp site, the darkness of night, the gradeur of nature, and human passions….This time the darkness is more dense, the sound is more powerful, music is more majestic and exalted, the feeling are naked.  Dissolve yourself in the abyss.

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1. Everything Becomes Dust
2. Swallow Me Leaden Sky

Playing Time: 44 Minutes

DeMort - ALL Instruments

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