Jag Panzer

The Deviant Chord

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29th September 2017
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I dare you to name one bad album that Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin has been a part of… or to name a bad album from Jag Panzer! Sure Dissident Alliance was underwhelming to say the least, but that also happens to be the one Jag Panzer album without The Tyrant. And on this new album, The Deviant Chord, they’ve even brought back Mark Briody’s partner in crime from their epic debut album Ample Destruction; Joey Tafolla. So all the pieces for another Jag Panzer masterpiece are in place…

Only drummer Rick Hilyard is missing from the line-up that brought us Ample Destruction, and maybe that is why this new album has so many ties with the early days of Jag Panzer? The Tyrant takes his natural focal point and the vocal arrangements and vocal harmonies are spot on, the guitar duo of Briody and Tafolla is extremely tight and it’s like there’s been no separation, even though it’s been years since they’ve worked together the last time. The guitar harmonies and leads are flawless and this album is close to their classic debut album, both guitar-wise and in song writing.

The signature Jag Panzer sound is easily recognizable and the songs fall nicely in line with the last couple of albums, and always with a firm eye on the detail and on the roots that got them to where they are now. The album is packed with fine classic Jag Panzer songs, and many do stand out; ‘Born of the Flame’, ‘The Deviant Chord’, ‘Blacklist’, ‘Divine Intervention’ and ‘Dare’ are the ones I like the most. And the cover-version of the old Irish folk song, ‘Foggy Dew’, about the 1916 Easter Rising shows that it is possible to pull off a metallic version of this song.

The Deviant Chord is a great tribute to the old days and to the roots of this fine band, nicely wrapped in a modern production and done by some very talented musicians; delivering some of the finest power metal you’ll come across this year!

Cool album!


01. Born of the Flame (4:00)
02. Far Beyond All Fear (3:49)
03. The Deviant Chord (5:37)
04. Blacklist (4:19)
05. Foggy Dew (3:20)
06. Divine Intervention (3:30)
07. Long Awaited Kiss (6:16)
08. Salacious Behaviour (4:07)
09. Fire of Our Spirit (4:37)
10. Dare (5:17)

Playing Time: 44:52

Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin - Vocals
Mark Briody - Guitars, Keyboards
Joey Tafolla - Guitars
John Tetley - Bass
Rikard Stjernquist - Drums

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